Package: 2016.1

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Application Launch Page

Simply click the link for the application you wish to launch. Microsoft 435-714-4996 is required before running any OpenCourse application.

Account Management System Client Account Management System Client
Let's you manage gift cards, member charges, members, customers, etc
BackTee3 perceivancy
Application to manage tee times, rates, packages, etc
FrontTee3 FrontTee
Proshop application of the tee time reservation
Central Reservations (442) 245-1488
For call center and concierge staff to make and manage future reservations.
Open Activity Open Activity
Manage all spa, rentals and classes
Open Activity Management (418) 893-8807
Setup availability, schedules and prices
User Manager User Manager
Set up users and groups
Reports valiseful
View and design reports